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Even though the rats have a bad reputation among the society, but that doesn’t make them less interesting. If you look closer than you will find a lot of intimidating characteristics that they have. They might be not your favorite animal, but after knowing these facts you will see they are quite talented. At the moment you see the rats in your house, you will think of the Rats Control Brisbane, but after reading this, you will have a whole new perception of these creatures.
So, here are some fun and interesting facts about Rats:

Fact 1. Rats are Very Good Swimmer:

It doesn’t seem like it, right? Rats could give a very tough competition to humans if they were about the same size. But thank god they are not. Some species of rats can easily tread on water for up to three days. They are also very good at holding their breath underwater as they can hold it for a long three minutes. They can swim continuously for a mile without even taking a break in between. Well, it doesn’t matter how great swimmer they are, it doesn’t stop the Rats Removal Brisbane from catching them.

Fact 2. Rats Are Revered in Some Cultures:

There is an entire temple that is dedicated to rats species called as “Karni Mata” in the northwest region of India. It is said that the temple is home to around 15000 rats and the population is still increasing. Every single person who visits the temple worships them and believes that when they die, they will be reincarnated in the form of rats. The devotees also eat the “Prasad” which is left half eaten by the rats but not even a single person fell sick or faced some kind of health issues after eating that which is also quite a fact in itself.

Fact 3. The Rat’s Tail Keeps Them Cool:

The rats sweat out of their tail. Funny thing, isn’t it? The rats don’t sweat like humans instead they expand the blood vessels in their tails to control their body temperature.

Fact 4. A Rat’s Teeth Grows Throughout Their Life:

If you ever got irritated by the habit of rats gnawing their teeth everywhere, then it is time that you know why they do it. It is only because their teeth never stop growing. Annually the rats’ teeth grow out 5 inches and it is a very painful process for them. That’s why to relieve the pain; they gnaw every material they can find including wood, cinder blocks, aluminum sheeting, lead, and everything else. That’s why calling the Rats Removal Brisbane seems a better choice than letting them destroy everything and irritate other to relieve themselves.

Fact 5. Rats Can Breed Very Fast:

This fact will surely leave you stunned. As compared to the humans, rats can breed at a significantly faster rate. A rat can reproduce in around a time period of every three weeks. And every single time a female rat gives birth, it is almost 6 to 10 babies. And one more thing is that even those babies become sexually mature in just three to four months and start the whole cycle again. Thus, they can procreate an entire colony of rats within just a few months.

Fact 6. Rats Live In Societies:

Rats are a very communal creature. They live in an entire community and groom, play and sleep with each other. The rats usually have their own territory and they can also become aggressive when they found some unfamiliar rats in their surroundings. Another interesting thing is that even their group is called “Mischief”. So, is better than you get rid of these mischievous creatures with the help of Pest Control Brisbane.

Fact 7. Rats Laugh:

You already know that rats play, eat, groom and sleep together, but did you have any idea that they can laugh too? This is a fact which is less known. Many researchers have observed the behaviors of rats when they play with their inmates. They laugh a lot while playing and it is considered social joy. Although the laugh is not a big hearty chuckle similar to humans they laugh with a high pitched noise which sounds like chirping.

Fact 8. Rats Can Spread Fatal Pathogens:

This one is a little bit terrifying fact but it is still worth mentioning. There are lots of people who like to keep them as pets. They must also know that even though they look clean, they still have deadly bacteria and pathogens inside them. They spread various kinds of diseases and hence it is important that you take effective measure to keep them in control.
That’s the main reason Rats Removal Brisbane is working for. Just because you now know some things about them doesn’t mean that they become tolerable. They are mainly a nuisance for the humans and other pets also. The rats contaminate every food they eat with harmful infections and viruses. They destroy property and crops everywhere they go. And above all, even the dead ones don’t leave the humans alone and spread a fatal virus known as Hantavirus which can easily kill a human.
From the time they spread the Black Plague and eradicated an entire population of Europe, they have been a disaster to the humankind. So, the need for the Rats Control Brisbane increases a lot. Their presence around the house is alarming enough to make the people call for help.
The professional team of Pest Control Brisbane knows the exact methods that can be used to eliminate the rats from the house. They provide the best services as exterminators for rats. If you are experiencing the rat infestation problem in your house, then it is better than you call the proper authority that can take care of the situation and make your infection free. The Rats Removal Brisbane services will do their best to help to gain control of the house and make it healthy and clean.

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